Based on cybersecurity experts, artificial intelligence, proven processes and effective technologies, we provide without investment immediate protection for businesses and companies, as well as supporting security teams through, among other things, proactive monitoring, event analysis and incident response.

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The Security Operations Center (hereafter SOC) is a dedicated team of security analysts who, using specialized tools, carry out processes related to detecting, analyzing, responding, reporting and countering cybersecurity incidents. The SOC’s mission is to prevent security incidents and mitigate their consequences.

To this end, the SOC performs the following tasks: monitoring (of systems), detection (of threats/incidents/vulnerabilities), analysis (of threats/events/incidents), response (to incidents/threats), restore (operation/status of systems and services), reporting (of incidents/threats).

Increasingly, organizations are making decisions to start building their own SOC (Security Operations Center) teams or to partner with providers of such services. SOC deployment projects are longlasting, complicated and budget-intensive undertakings. The IT security market is currently bombarded with new technologies while at the same time suffering from a shortage of properly prepared specialists. The task of organizing a SOC and equipping the team with technologies to meet the CND (Computer Network Defense) mission is a significant challenge that is very difficult to meet. The risk of wrong decisions at all stages of mission definition, planning, organization, selection of operational capabilities and selection of appropriate technologies is very high and the consequences of these decisions are usually very costly.

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