Silverfort is a cybersecurity company that provides a Next Generation Unified Identity Protection platform. This platform consolidates security controls across corporate networks and cloud environments to block identity-based attacks.


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Silverfort is the first platform to deliver modern identity security across all corporate users, service accounts and resources, including legacy systems and command-line interfaces that are leveraged in more than 80% of data breaches and ransomware attacks, and were previously considered ‘unprotectable’. 

Silverfort uses innovative agentless and proxyless technology that runs in the backend of the existing IAM infrastructure to enforce Multi-Factor Authentication
(MFA), Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) and Zero Trust policies across the hybrid environment and stop identity threats in real time.

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Silverfort enforces protection from the backend of your existing IAM infrastructure, including legacy directories like AD, using unique integrations that allow Silverfort to act as a ‘second opinion’.

This enables Silverfort to monitor all access activity, detect identity threats in real time (and report them to your XDR/SIEM/SOAR), and enforce security controls that these directories are often missing, such as MFA, before instructing the original directory whether to approve the access.

Thanks to this innovative architecture, no changes are required to the various servers and applications.

Furthermore Silverfort automatically discovers and protects all user accounts in a hybrid environment from identity-based threats and provides centralized visibility into every authentication and access request. As a result of Silverfort’s native integrations with all identity providers, including Active Directory, it can log every authentication request. This provides a unified view of all network activity across every user and any resource in the hybrid environment.

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Silverfort integrates with all the identity providers in your environment to deliver secure authentication across every resource on-prem and in the cloud.

Silverfort as well extends Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) Conditional Access and Azure MFA to all resources that don’t natively support it, such as homegrown and legacy apps, IT infrastructure, file shares and databases, RDP, industrial systems, and command-line tools including PowerShell, WMI, PsExec, and SSH. With this integration, organizations have the ability to centralize the identity protection for all on-prem and cloud resources in Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), while enterprise users get a consistent user experience across all resource access.

“The integration with Silverfort allows customers to extend the power and flexibility of Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) to many additional resources and applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and unify their identity management and protection on Entra ID (formerly Azure AD).”

Sue Bohn, Partner Director, Microsoft Identity Division at Microsoft Corp


TOP USE cases

Agentless Multi-Factor Authentication

Agentless Multi-Factor Authentication

Securing Service Accounts

Securing Service Accounts

Ransomware and Lateral Movement Protection

Ransomware and Lateral Movement Protection

Hybrid IAM Consolidation

Hybrid IAM Consolidation