After 25 years in business, we have never been more excited about the road ahead ツ

We are excited to announce an important evolution for our company after 25 years of helping organizations securely navigate technology’s transformation.

While we started our journey back in 1998 focusing exclusively on cybersecurity, the digital world has vastly changed around us. Computing power now exceeds what was imaginable just a few years ago. Machines can see, hear, talk and make independent decisions using artificial intelligence. This AI revolution promises both incredible benefits and vulnerabilities if not guided responsibly.

Recognizing this, we have decided to expand our vision and capabilities. We are now SafeWave(ai), reflecting our commitment to not only cybersecurity but also the safe and ethical development of AI. Under this new identity, we will continue delivering cutting-edge security solutions while also working to ensure AI systems are robust, transparent and have appropriate safeguards.

To bring our vision to life, we are launching a new online resource called “WHERE AI & CYBERSECURITY MERGE”. Through insightful articles, interviews and discussion, it will explore the interconnections between these fields. How does AI enhance cybersecurity and how must AI itself be protected? What are the policy and technical challenges to address as these technologies increasingly overlap? Our goal is to facilitate important conversations around these issues and help organizations navigate both opportunities and risks.

After 25 years in business, we have never been more excited about the road ahead. Technological change is constant and its consequences are difficult to predict in the long run. We deeply believe you will join us on our continued journey ツ

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