A Deep Dive into the Challenges and Imperatives for Cybersecurity Specialists in Mitigating Identity-Based Threats

Navigating the Identity Attack Surface: A Critical Review for Cybersecurity Experts The identity attack surface includes resources such as account takeover, lateral movement, and internal ransomware spread​​. The report sheds light on the significant gaps in identity security practices and solutions designed to prevent malicious access. These gaps are often due to incomplete coverage of […]

Unmasking the D0nut Extortion Group: A Deep Dive into Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures

Analyzing the Achilles’ Heel in Cybersecurity through the Lens of the D0nut Extortion Group Attack The cybersecurity landscape is a continuous battleground where attackers relentlessly seek vulnerabilities, the so-called Achilles’ heels of systems, to gain unauthorized access. The D0nut extortion group exemplifies this by targeting unpatched networks, servers, outdated operating systems, and users without multi-factor […]

Revolutionizing Cybersecurity: Silverfort’s Pioneering Protection for Service Accounts

Bridging the Critical Gap in Cybersecurity: Automated Protection of Service Accounts In the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, Silverfort’s announcement on December 18, 2023, marks a significant milestone. The company unveiled the first-ever solution offering real-time protection and visibility for thousands of service accounts with a single click. This breakthrough addresses a longstanding vulnerability in enterprise […]

How Silverfort Empowers You to Detect and Resolve Identity Risks with Zero Effort

Protecting organizations from identity-based compromises hinges on the fundamental concept of visibility in cybersecurity. Visibility refers to the comprehensive understanding and oversight of all user-related data and potential security risks. This includes having a clear picture of user activities, authentication efforts, access permissions, risky identities, authorized applications, and more. The absence of this level of […]

Comply with NIS2 Directive MFA Requirements with Silverfort

Under the requirements of Article 21 in the NIS2 Directive, organizations are urged to adopt robust security strategies, which includes the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA. This is a critical step in safeguarding systems against the rising threat of cyber-attacks. To meet these needs, Silverfort emerges as a prominent solution, offering an extensive MFA […]